November 1, 2017

It had all started so innocently. All she had done was look for something to wear. Try a few things on. It had seemed so innocuous and mundane, and now there she was, about to text a friend for backup.

She had been rooting through her wardrobe when she found it: a red and black long-sleeved bodysuit stashed away in a drawer of workout clothes. It looked completely foreign to her and she had no recollection of ever buying it, nor could she think of a reason for her to have even owned it in the first place. The only other bodysuit she owned had been purchased for the sole purpose of being worn as part of a costume for a 90's themed birthday party. But somehow, and she wouldn't have been able to tell anyone how she knew this exactly, she could tell that it belonged to her. It bore a black symbol of some sort and she had no idea what it meant or represented, but she had a strong impulse to try it on and she could feel herself losing that battle with each minute. She picked it up gingerly from the drawer so that she could study it closer, and it was then that she realized that it wasn't just a bodysuit. Underneath that was a mess of flowy fabric that she had never seen before. Nora turned and tossed the bodysuit onto her bed so that she could focus on whatever this new find was. She picked it up and realized that it was actually quite a great deal of fabric, whatever it was. As she shook it out to reveal its size and shape, she realized that it was more red and black that seemed to match the bodysuit a little too well. Feeling something fall at her feet, she glanced down and spotted something that looked like...a mask? What on Earth had she just found?

Nora nearly dropped everything as it came together in her head. bodysuit, cape, mask. This had to belong to Kara, and now, in turn, it also belonged to her. She laid out the pieces on her bed and looked at them as a whole. It definitely had to be Kara's. Her own knowledge of Kara Zor-El was fairly limited but growing by the day, and whatever it was that she was staring it didn't seem to fit anything that she knew about the Kryptonian. But if anyone knew anything about this, she guessed that it would be Bea.

She shot off a quick text to her friend to explain what she had found and sent along an accompanying photo for full effect. As she waited for a reply, she looked at it again. Something was missing, but what? Was there supposed to be a belt somewhere? A weapon of some kind? She spun around quickly on her heel to return to her dresser to see if she could find whatever that something was, but she felt her feet get caught on something and suddenly she was on the ground, completely bewildered at what had just happened. She caught her breath and looked around to see what she had tripped over: knee-high red and black boots. Surely those weren't there before? She would've noticed them in the middle of her room. She was almost scared to touch them, but they were just boots. The worst that she could do was trip in them, and, well, she had already tripped over them tonight and the damage was done. Collecting herself, she stood up and set the boots near the rest of the outfit, sending Bea another picture, this time with her newfound footwear.

She stepped back and tried to take it all in again. She had spent so much time thinking about this new reality of hers and what it meant, but she had no idea that it meant that things would just start appearing in front of her. She paused for a moment to look around and make sure that everything was where she left it, and that she wasn't just in the middle of some weird, alternate reality or daydream or nightmare. She felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket and she grabbed at it, eager to see what her friend had to say about all of this. Something about a Red Lantern? She would have to look it up some other time, but for now, this super suit, as Bea had called it, seemed to be calling to her.

A few more playful texts between the two of them and Nora had decided to try on the super suit. It counted as hers, right? Even though it felt all sorts of wrong, it also felt...well, right. Turning around to make sure that her bedroom door was shut, she stripped down to her skivvies and got ready to try on the suit. Kara had been expected to go on world-saving missions in that thing? How was it practical? Did the cape add some sort of aerodynamic benefit to the suit? Didn't she ever get cold? Could she even get cold? Nora knew so little about her counterpart that it was embarrassing, but she was trying to make a concerted effort to get to know her and read up on her history, even if it was filled with inaccuracies and exaggerations. They did have to share a life, after all, even if Nora couldn't remember much of it, and she hoped that her gesture of kindness and acceptance would be met in kind.

"One leg at a time," she mumbled as she stepped into the bodysuit. That seemed to go smoothly enough and now it was time for her arms. As she got dressed, she began to feel just how right this felt. It was almost like a second skin. She turned up the collar of the bodysuit and clasped the hook in the back. She wasn't quite ready to look in the mirror yet, so she reached for the boots next. After that, it was the cape, and then finally, the mask.

Phone in hand, she walked over to the floor-length mirror to study herself, nervous about what she was about to see. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She looked good. She had no idea what to expect from trying this on, but she wasn't expecting to feel comfortable and happy, like this truly did belong to her. And hey, it made her ass look good. No complaints there.

She took a quick picture and sent it over to Bea before setting the phone down and looking in the mirror again. She heard a low whine from a corner of her room that was usually occupied by a snoozing dog. She sighed. Even her dog thought she was crazy. "I can feel you judging me, Pork Chop."

She supposed that now was a good a time as any to change back into her usual clothes. The cape, mask, and boots came off easily, and she knew the bodysuit would be a little bit trickier. She had managed to get it on, though, which surely meant that she could get it off, right? She undid the clasp at the back of the collar and carefully tried to peel her way out of the bodysuit. Left arm first, elbow out, and suddenly, she was met with too much resistance for comfort. She tried it again, trying to get her arm out of the sleeve, but there didn't seem to be enough give in this material, whatever it was. Nora huffed, annoyed, and put the sleeve back on all the way. She tried the same thing with her right arm to no avail. How was she supposed to get out of this thing? Scissors?!

She picked up her phone, swiped through to her texts, and typed three words before hitting send: "Bea. Stuck. Halp."