Everything was a blur. She couldn't make sense of anything, but she didn't care.

She whizzed through the night sky at lightning speed without any regard for who or what she might encounter. Security cameras, radar systems, innocent bystanders and witnesses, none of that mattered to her anymore. She didn't care if anyone saw her. Every ounce of anger, sadness, grief, and disappointment she had ever felt in her life, in Nora's life, had risen to the surface and violently bubbled over. Thoughts and feelings that she had grown so used to stuffing down as if they didn't exist shone through once again, melding together and fueling her fury as she barrelled through the air without any discretion. She only had one thing in mind: to destroy anything and everything that she could.

She flew closer to the ground so that she could skim a row of tree tops of the snow that had collected upon them in recent weeks. With a sickening mix of glee and wrath, Kara let out a loud roar that was accompanied by a burst of flames that set those same tree tops ablaze. Satisfied, she wore a twisted, smirk on her face as she looked towards the sky and catapulted herself upwards so that she could survey the city. Her playground. Her home.

But Boston wasn't home. Kara didn't have one anymore as far as she was concerned. Krypton was long gone and most of her memories of the extinct planet had met the same fate. She had nowhere else to go, nor had she felt a sense of belonging anywhere else she had lived. The only thing that rooted her to Boston, and to this world, was Nora, and even then, she knew from their time together that she too was feeling anxious and restless, albeit for different reasons.

She heard a vaguely familiar sound in the distance and turned to see two beams of green and violet light streak through the night sky. It took her a moment to realize that they were headed in her direction and an angry "Rahhgll!" escaped her mouth and she spit out more flames before speeding off into the night sky. She used the ring to send a few concussive blasts in the general direction of those who were chasing after her. Nora tried to fight her off but her efforts were nothing compared to the rage that was literally coursing through her veins in that very moment. If anything, the fight only made her stronger and angrier. Kara sent another blast into the sky as if it were some sort of deranged warning shot, unconcerned by the acidic effects of the liquid she had just sent into the atmosphere. It all had to come down eventually.

It was for Krypton, Kara's lost home. For the dead planet, and for those who had perished along with it.

For Kara's parents. Two people who she loved and admired and respected and missed with all of her heart. The few memories she had of them had faded over time and there were some days where she could barely picture their faces or remember what they looked like. The warmth and care that they had shown her at the very end. The grief they must have felt as they sent their only child to a far off planet where they knew they would never see her again, because it was her only chance at life.

For Alura, Kara's mother. For the pain that she must have endured as she watched her daughter disappear into space, sent away by her own husband and without her input or consent. To know that she would never have an opportunity to hold her again or watch as she accomplished one big life milestone after another. To know that if Zor-El hadn't done so, that Kara wouldn't have any big life milestones to conquer.

For Zor-El. For the anger that she felt towards him for sending her away and tearing their family apart, and for creating Worldkillers that would later come back to haunt her in her new life. For those who had suffered at the hands of those Worldkillers. For the pain that he, too, must have felt in giving her a chance at a life that she would never have had on Krypton.

For Kal-El, Kara's dear baby cousin who never had a chance know his home planet or his birth parents.

For Nora's parents, who had suffered through an unhappy marriage for years. For the lies that they had told their daughter and their need to try to protect her even well into adulthood. For the misguided attempts at deciding what was best for her. For shipping her off to boarding school when they realized that they didn't know what else to do with her and kick-starting all of her abandonment issues.

For Nora, who had endured so much trauma in the past year alone. For the disappointment and anger that she felt towards herself for even entertaining the idea that she wasn't good enough or pretty enough or smart enough or strong enough or just enough. For her frustration towards the people who had made her feel that way, inadvertently or otherwise. For all of the things that she couldn't remember because her mind had decided that it was too much to handle. For all of the patients that she couldn't save despite her best efforts. For all of the grief that she felt for her family.

For Nora's grandmother. For having to watch her suffer as her mind slowly deteriorated over time. For the powers that be who were cruel enough to take knowledge and memories away from someone who had already experienced a lifetime's worth and reduce her to a vulnerable state with the mind of a young child.

For survival.

For the fear that she felt as she witnessed herself lash out like a passive observer watching some apocalyptic horror film. For being trapped in Nora's body, but this time, neither of them could form any coherent thoughts, let alone have any control over their actions. For the chaos that she knew she was capable of causing and the fact that she couldn't stop any of it. The need to destroy anything and everything had overcome her completely and there was only one way to rid her of her rage.