Kara finished scribbling a line onto the notepad and leaned back in her chair to study her work. Furrowing her brow, she re-read her notes line by line. What else was she missing? She chewed on her lip as she went over the list one more time, but nothing else was coming to mind. Content enough with her work for now, she flipped the lid of Nora's laptop open and began the familiar process of setting herself up for a video message.

Unlike previous weeks, she wanted to be cautious in this week's set of notes and video messages. She had poured a lot of energy into trying to figure out how best to deliver the news to Nora. She didn't want to go into too much detail about how people had been kidnapped and made to fight each other, or about how there had been a battle early Friday morning between a bunch of heroes and their foes. The less she knew about the nitty gritty in that regard, the better. The arrival of the red power ring, however, was another story. Kara knew that the ring would have only come to her if both she and Nora were carrying around anger that they had yet to properly deal with and process. She knew what it was like to walk through life with those bottled up emotions, how exhausting and draining it was, and how it ultimately didn't serve a purpose in the end, because everything had to come out eventually. She wasn't sure whether Nora realized that, though she had a hunch that she did, but she knew that she had to do her part to encourage her to work with all of her negative feelings, and all of her feelings in general, because she would only be doing a disservice to herself in the end.

She waited for iMovie to finish loading and clicked through the various prompts so that she could start recording a new video. A small green light lit up towards the top of her screen, signifying that the camera was on. She peeled off the piece of glittery purple washi tape that Nora used to keep the camera covered when it wasn't in use and used her thumb to pick off any of the adhesive residue that remained over the lens. Kara skimmed her notes once again before setting them down in front of her for easy reference.

Just the simple act of getting started seemed to be far more difficult this time around. It had certainly been a heavy week, but even then, the amount of dread and nervousness that she was feeling seemed to be disproportionately high compared to the gravity of the news she was about to deliver. Yes, the ring was bad, but everyone that Nora cared for was alive and well, if not a little rough around the edges, and ultimately that was what mattered most in the end. She only hoped that her mostly human counterpart would see it that way, too.

As she gathered her thoughts, she made sure that she was comfortable in the big, cushy desk chair. She pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged her arms tightly around them; something about feeling cozy while she talked about her week felt necessary. Leaning forward, Kara made sure that she was in frame and used the trackpad to click 'record'.

"So...it's January," she spoke. "I never know how to start these things so I guess I'll just dive in. This week was...bad. The first thing that you need to know is that everyone you know is okay. A little banged up, maybe, but they're okay. There were a bunch of kidnappings this week and people had to battle each other Fight Club style. The fights were broadcast online and on TV, but you...we didn't watch much of it. I don't want to give you too much information about any of this because it's all so sick, but make sure you check up on Lainey, Max, Lindsay, and Phil and Bea. They're mostly okay," she added quickly. "Just...say hi. Make sure they're comfortable. Don't smother them." She had to smile at that last thought; she knew Nora to hold back so much, so often, that she wasn't sure that she even knew how to emotionally smother other people.

"You also got this ring," she continued. Kara held up her hand and pointed to the red power ring that was resting on her middle finger. It lit up for a few seconds before fading again. "It's a red power ring. It's sort of like the one that Nasim has, but his is green. And this is...it's a lot." She watched herself grimace on screen as she tried to figure out how to go about explaining the power ring. What it was capable of doing, what she had become when it came to her early Wednesday morning. The damage that she and Carol had done to their apartment as they struggled against each other before Carol managed to contain her by crystallizing her in their living room. How was she supposed to explain all of it without scaring Nora?

"There's something you need to know this ring. I don't know if this is something that you'll have to keep with you when I'm not around, or if it's something that's just going to disappear in a few hours. But if you wake up and you're still wearing this, do not take it off under any circumstances. If you do—" she paused, unable to choke out the last part of her warning. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes before she began again. "If you do," Kara repeated. "You'll die. I know that you can't operate while you're wearing anything on your hands, and I know that that has other implications. But you made sure that you stuck to exams and found ways to get around operating this week. There's more about that in your notes from work." She stopped talking again, this time waiting for any prompts from Nora, in the event that she had anything else to say about work. She was met with nothing but silence and looked at her notes again. "I've saved some information for you about the power ring and what it does, but you're...we're a Red Lantern now. And we have to talk about that.

"I know that it's been a really hard six months for you, if not longer. I've only been around since, what, August? So I don't know what happened before then. I know that there was a fire, and I know that you can't remember anything about it, but maybe that's for the better. Like it's your brain trying to protect you from something so terrible. And I know that there's just...a lot, and that you walk around and carry grief with you. This Red Lantern business...none of this would have happened if you and I didn't have so much to be angry or disappointed about. And I don't know if there's a way to work past it—I took this ring off, once, and I survived, but I had to go to the Sun to do it," she rambled. "Anyway, just...don't take this off if you still have it. And maybe start trying to work through those feelings that you keep bottled up inside. I know it's hard and kind of icky, but they have to come out eventually, one way or another. And it's better that it doesn't happen through this." She held up her right hand once again and watched as the ring's red light pulsed for a few moments.

"I guess I'm being kind of vague about all of this, but I don't know how to even begin to explain any of it. There's a file on your desktop with more information about the ring. Read through all of that. And if anyone asks about your apartment, bats flew in through an open window and you and Carol panicked. Just go with it."