Monday, July 16, 2018 — 02:04

The plan was to lay low. To help out only in dire situations where no one else could get the job done. The sulfur, the demons, the werewolves, they all seemed to point to one thing: magic. For as durable as she was, magic could break her. It could cause her to lash out at her loved ones, to do unspeakable things to those around her that would only be amplified by her powers. The same powers that made her such an asset on the field or in space could also make her such a deadly weapon. Magic and sorcery had yet to be confirmed, but she didn't want to run that risk. Being a ticking time bomb was exhausting.

First it had been for Natasha and Daisy. A quick trip under cover of darkness to make sure that two of her friends were safe and healing well. It came with admission to a secret clubhouse that she otherwise would have had access to, but these weren't exactly normal circumstances. And so she arrived well after midnight, armed with blood and fluids and medical supplies meant for her friends. Though she had been squirreling equipment away for several months now, somehow, it wasn't quite enough. The realization had given her pause.

"What good do you think it does, Kara?"

Bruce's words echoed in her head, resonating over and over again, driving their point home. It was enough to break her focus for a few moments. Was it ever going to be enough? The field kits that she had assembled, the efforts being put in by people like her, would they ever overpower whatever it was that was out there that seemed to drive this kind of supernatural chaos into the streets of Boston each month? In some ways, she was used to it. This was normal in the world that Kara had come from, wherever that was now. Nora's version of home had its own terrors and things to worry about, but none of them included demons or dragons or werewolves. She realty wasn't equipped to deal with threats from other worlds.

She only had so much time available to her, and right now, she was needed to examine Natasha's shoulder. She shoved the thoughts aside as she had done time and time again and got to work. "Gauze and towels," she stated as she studied the wound. "I need to start a line and get some fluids going. This isn't half bad, Daisy," she said as she looked up at the other woman. "You might've saved her life."

Monday, July 16, 2018 — 22:54

The bathroom stall in Deep Ellum's women's restroom was barely big enough for her to change comfortably, so she had given up and locked the main door so that she could change in peace. It wasn't as if it would take her long, anyway. Seconds, really. She pulled various items of clothing from her purse and hung them up on the hook on the stall door. "Why did she think this was a good idea?" she grumbled to herself. "Hey guys, let's go check out that weird, creepy hotel that appeared out of thin air this morning. Nah, there won't be any demons around. The demons and this hotel, they're definitely not related." She said that last word with a huff as she fought to put on a strapless bra, only one of two torture devices she would be wearing this evening. In an instant, she felt more restricted and felt like her boobs were practically coming up to her neck. "Do lady spies really do this?" she mumbled again as she glanced in the mirror with a frown. She made a mental note to ask Daisy later in the week, maybe even later tonight if she could get in touch with her. With a little bit of wrestling and some finagling with some fabric, she was finally dressed. Nora looked in the bathroom mirror and made a few adjustments to her hair and earrings...and that pesky torture device of a bra. She crouched down one more time to put on her stilettos—the other torture devices that were part of her "disguise"— and took extra care in ensuring that they were secure on her feet. She stood up straight and looked at herself in the mirror again, satisfied with what she saw. She spent a few moments touching up her makeup before putting on her glasses, a very necessary part of her disguise. Within moments, she had gone from blonde to brunette. She tidied up once more, put everything else away in her deceptively small purse, and walked out of the bar's bathroom to join Kyle and Simon for their little hotel and casino demon hunt.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 — 12:37

She was supposed to be at work. Waiting for yet another incoming trauma that wouldn't arrive because ambulances were being diverted away from Mass Gen once again. It was the second time that week, and it meant that the emergency medicine and trauma staff were really stretched thin for capacity. She rounded. She performed consults. She operated. She wrote up her notes and waited patiently for the other shoe to drop. Being maxed out within hospital walls meant nothing to the creatures outside. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and absentmindedly pulled out a series of devices: two pagers, a Spectralink phone, and her own personal smartphone. That it was her own phone that was lighting up now was immediate cause for concern, and she had barely processed what Simon was saying on the other end of the line before she was standing up and rushing out of her work pod. "Family emergency," she blurted out to her attending surgeon. The sternness in her voice and the fire in her eyes showed that she meant business, and the older surgeon stepped aside with his palm held out to take her devices from her. Handing everything over but her cell phone, she rushed through the halls to find one more person, tracking him down easily by his own distinct heartbeat.

"Conner," she whispered a few feet behind him. It would be audible to him and only him, that much she knew. "Time to go."

She ducked into a nearby bathroom once again (did they really have to get rid of that last phone booth near the hospital's entrance?) and dashed out moments later, her seafoam green scrubs gone and replaced a blur of red and blue that could only be seen by Kon-El. She moved quickly enough to be near-invisible and bolted out of the hospital's doors and into the sky. A sonic boom wouldn't have gone unnoticed on most days, but today was yet another wreck of a day and the sound of Supergirl breaking the sound barrier to save another cousin would soon be forgotten.