Wednesday, July 18, 2018

She watches the various monitors in the war room at the DEO. The Department of Extranormal Operations, an agency that was once an ally in a former life. Its appearance here in Boston was a surprise and came at just the right time. Some late night exploring earlier in the week had proved to be fruitful, as an address in Roxbury caught her attention. She had rushed to it immediately. Though the timing seemed suspect at first, Nora had done her due diligence. It was the real deal. No booby traps, no lures. This was for her.

She spends her morning exploring the DEO. Only the war room seems to be available to her right now, so she combs through the room and its computers, reorienting herself to the equipment and how it works. She is relieved to have such powerful tools at her fingertips, more so that she no longer has to travel to the bottom of the Atlantic to access databases and monitoring systems that help her keep an eye on the city during these weeks.

"Fighting demons on the streets of Boston's far more exciting than fighting your own."

It's his damned voice again. Bruce Banner's, a secret she's been keeping since her arrival in Boston. They're his words that have been getting under her skin and into her head all week. Well-intentioned, she thinks, but they cut deep anyway. Given the week so far she has yet to process...well, anything at all, and so she shoves them towards the back of her mind as she moves on to the next thing to contain. Unfortunately, this time, it's another Kryptonian.

"The fight isn't out there."

She hears Bruce's voice again and brushes it aside as she zeroes in on the person wreaking havoc today. Kal-el. A face she has seen so sparingly, with the both of them living new lives that have brought them in different directions. She watches the monitors at the DEO as several agencies and news outlets are able to catch some of the action on video. She sees that various civilians are clued in, tweeting and posting and sharing grainy photographs and videos of this mighty who seems hellbent and causing damage in the city.

She knows in a heartbeat that she's needed out there. She closes her eyes and focuses all of her concentration on locating her team, her friends. All it takes is their heartbeats, but the only heartbeat she can hear right now is her own as it thumps mightily in her chest, ready to help in any way that she can. Over the sunstone comms units, she alerts Kyle and Simon, well-aware that the two space cops are in possession of two very distinct rings, one with the ability to supercharge aliens like her and the other to weaken them, if not kill them altogether. They confirm that they're available and en route to where the latest damage seems to be happening and Kara dashes out the door to do the same, careful to lock up and secure the nondescript entrance behind her. She looks back and lets out a huff of air; the people behind this grand master plan, whoever they are, at least seem to have a sense of humor. Though it is further away from downtown Boston than she would prefer, Nora giggles to herself upon the realization that this world's Department of Extranormal Operations is located in Roxbury, right next to the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute. Moments later, another sonic boom is heard as she jets off into the sky and zooms across the city to find Kal-El.