I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket
june bingo challenge: "action fashionista"

Nora started at her closet and let out a heavy sigh. Through it wasn't messy, it wasn't organized enough, and she had yet to figure out a solid system for her new digs despite having lived there for over two months now. The temptation to splurge on a professional organizer was strong, but for now, she tried to focus on the task at hand: cleaning.

The somewhat impromptu nature of this vacation meant that she didn't have much of an itinerary in mind. She could appreciate that; she knew that she needed a real break — which Molly had ensured by magically clearing out her work schedule for two weeks — and running from one commitment to another didn't exactly allow her to do that. No wishlists, no to-do lists, just free time at her disposal that she could use as she wished.

Nora swiped her phone from the top of her dresser and thumbed through the different apps so she could absentmindedly look up the forecast for the next week, pausing as she realized that she still had a setting for Boston saved in her phone. Her brow furrowed at the device in her hand; temperatures would be in the 80swith the occasional thunderstorm, and she could only assume that all of it would be accompanied by the usual, god-awful east coast summer humidity. If one good thing had come out of this entire upheaval, it was the relocation to a city with better weather, even if San Francisco's microclimate could do strange things of its own at times.

She set her phone back on her dresser and began pulling drawers open to rifle through clothes. She pulled out a few pairs of shorts and set them aside before going through stacks and stacks of carefully (...and not so carefully) folded clothes. "I really need to go through all of this again and figure out what to donate," she mumbled under her breath. It was enough to catch Pork Chop's attention, and the fluffy Samoyed let out a yelp before wandering into the walk-in closet himself.

"Don't worry, P.C.," she cooed affectionately as she crouched down to cup his face in her hands and gave him a few ear scratches. "I'm just going through my stuff, not yours. No toys being thrown away, I promise." He huffed audibly and sat down, putting on his best forlorn facial expression while he set his head onto his front legs. "We'll take the star cruiser out again later."

As she stood up, a piece of unmistakably red fabric caught her eye and she frowned. Her solar suit, yet another one of the many minidresses that Kara seemed to favor. She hadn't put it to use in several months, preferring instead to use the protective suit that her blue power ring provided her with. But with the ring having flown away on its own, that handy feature was no longer at her disposal and she had resigned herself to using the red and black hooded pantsuit that she found to be much more comfortable and far less of a hazard.

Nora returned to the dresser that now had a couple of drawers hanging agape to various degrees. Shutting the two that she didn't need at the moment, she turned her attention to a few t-shirts and frowned in confusion at one that she didn't seem to recognize...at first. She pulled it out of the drawer and shook out the folds and wrinkles to reveal a crisp white crop top with the tell-tale House of El crest emblazoned across the chest. She knew better than to think that this was part of a prank by one of her roommates or she had unknowingly bought herself her alter ego's own merch, and her suspicions were confirmed when she noticed the blue miniskirt that had pooled at her feet when she had pulled the shirt out for a closer look.

She scrunched up her nose, her reaction more Kara's than her own this time. "This means the Mickey Mouse gloves are out here somewhere, doesn't it? No way we're using this, ever."